Thursday, May 26, 2011

Real Groovy is shutting down in Wellington - vinyl craft.

Vincent and I had some time off together this morning.  With the four year old at creche, and the baby nodding off in the front pack, it felt like we were on a care-free holiday.  It is amazing what passes for a holiday when you have children.  Our aim was to get to Global Fabrics for their one day sale (so much beautiful fabric) but mainly we just bummed along Cuba Street.

We hadn't gotten very far when we saw Real Groovy records.  They are shutting down, like many other record stores, as the economies of selling phyiscal vinyl records, second hand CDs and even new CDs just don't work these days. 

There were many sad vinyl records - and many that we knew people would not be buying - we decided to turn these into a craft opportunity.  We bought 40 small vinyl records (at 10c each this was not a great expense) for our daughter's creche to turn into an art activity.  We then bought 20 large records as the album covers make great envelopes for holding children's art (again for the creche).  We found two Madame Butterfly albums with beautiful artwork - these will go on our walls.

When we dropped these down at creche the head teacher mentioned that another teacher turns vinyls into bowls.  Here is a link:  Vinyl bowls

I found tons of cool art activities to do with your old records, so thought that I would bring up the very sad closing down sale of Real Groovy, in the hope that you may like to relieve them of their burden of records.

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  1. I've seen old records used to make a multi-tier cake holder! Records instead of plates :)