Thursday, November 10, 2011

The night before the big day!

A long time ago I saw a really cool idea to celebrate a child's birthday.  I think it was on Grosgrain.  You prepare a whole bunch of helium balloons the night before and put them in the child's room while they sleep.  When I saw a do-it-yourself helium balloon set at The Warehouse a couple of months back I decided that this would be a fun way to celebrate turning five!

I inflated about 15 balloons - but I think that more is more when it comes to balloons and I think if it hadn't been so late I would have done all of them.  It was too dark to show the balloons in her room, and she wakes up so early so we didn't catch her initial reaction.
Here are the few left in her room this morning when I went in to pull the curtains.  The rest were in either our room or the hallway.  Two had already sunk.  I saw the sunken ones at 3.36am, the third time I'd gotten up to the baby overnight.  I don't know what was up with her last night, but I've had about four hours sleep.  Anyway, If I was a more Type-A personality I might have quickly done a couple more balloons at that point, but I'm a self-declared Make-do Mum, with a very high priority on my sleep!

The balloons are now everywhere.  To avoid them escaping the Sweetheart tied them down in numerous locations.  As I type, the helium has worn off all of them, and there are some rather forlorn looking balloons with silvery tails trailing along the floor.

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