Sunday, August 26, 2012

More cheese

I have so much to post from this weekend's NZ Food Blogger's Association conference.  But while I'm sorting through all the photos and notes I thought I'd post a picture from my latest batch of cheddar cheese.  Last time I made it there was a tiny bit of moisture inside (probably from not air-drying long enough prior to waxing).

This batch was aged for about ten weeks - but at a lower than recommended temperature.  You can age at a lower temperature - it just takes longer. This cheddar is deliciously crumbly, has a very creamy colour and smells amazing.

Unfortunately, the variety of delicious treats that I sampled over the weekend means that I cannot face more than a sliver!  Maybe tomorrow....


  1. Wow! This looks so delicious! You look like you have got that gorgeous crumbly cheddar look. I've only read about the cheddaring technique and would love to hear your experiences of making it.

  2. Hi Lucy! I find cheddar pretty straightforward to make so long as you have all the equipment. Keeping it at the correct temperature during the process (by putting it in a chilli bin or similar) and making sure you do the right thing at the right time. The techniques are not too tricky (the hardest part was actually waxing the cheese - it is fiddly)! The cheese is deliciously crumbly - I'm going to have a look at your site and see if I can come up with some extra things to do with it! You are always welcome to come over for a cheese making session - I find Camembert simpler to make than mozzarella for example!

  3. That cheese photo made my mouth water. It looks absolutely gorgeous. Nice to find your blog, and thanks very much for visiting mine.