Friday, September 7, 2012

Rainbow happiness

I came across two rainbow cakes online today and since birthday cakes are on my mind I thought I'd link to both of them.  One is a rather straightforward cake - I'm strongly in favour of these.  The other is more complex, but would probably be worth it for the look of surprise on the children's faces!

I then moved to Rainbow biscuits.  This was a really fun search.

While I liked the shape of the above biscuits for some reason I prefer the straight lines of these biscuits.  Add an extra egg if you try that recipe, the comments indicate that it was a very dry mixture.  On the same website I then found a further recipe for rainbow cubes, based on a cake recipe I've been searching for nearly two years!!  Then I began searching further and found some rainbow party theme ideas (including fruit kebab sticks).  I also loved this rainbow bento lunch.  It is a visually attractive and would be really adaptable as a party platter as well. For drinks I think it would be very impressive to have a giant clear jug of watered down juice with a rainbow of ice cubes.  You could even use different coloured fruit inside the ice like blueberries or strawberries. ------------------- The reason for all this searching?  My daughter has received two birthday invitations in the last week.  I've just realised that, due to the makeup of her class, all the class birthdays take place in the last half of the year.  By the time we get to her birthday there is a good chance that we will have been to a crazy amount of birthday parties and I will be desperate for ideas!  That being said, in January this year my daughter decided she wanted a sun and moon theme. I noted it down on the calendar to see if it changed.  Last I hear it was a 'pony princess in space' theme.  We'll see. ------------------ Rainbow photo credit

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