Saturday, June 11, 2011

Making things out of pillowcases

Well my workshop at Handmade last weekend has sent me into new pillowcase enthusiasm.  Pillowcases are getting recycled left, right and centre around here!  I've been getting a lot of positive comments about the bag I made during the workshop, and next time I go to Spotlight I'll get some strapping to make a dainty version.  Having a washable bag is very handy when you have a baby.  I plonked the baby and the bag down next to the couch the other day and before I knew it the bag was filled with baby cracker crumbs as a keen little hunter rifled through the bag.

I decided to make another pillowcase top for my ten month old, and with some unpicking, and the very generous hem on the pillowcase, was able to make pants as well.
My ten month old is a lot more willing a model than my four year old.

I'm going to make some tablemats with some pillowcases I have - not following any kind of pattern, just going to chop them in half and put some padding in the middle.   I think I'll make some more pants, and a couple of skirts for my oldest daughter as well.

But right now I am off to come up with an idea for dinner.  I made the most of a Christmas present from my husband and used a voucher at a day spa today.  Had a lovely lunch with friends, then a wee nap.  My daughters are napping so I have a brief window in which to create dinner....probably tofu and vege soup here....quickest thing I can think of in a hurry.


  1. So cool! How do you have so many spare pillowcases?

  2. wow, you're a machine Emma! I can't believe you managed to make a top and pants from the one pillowcase; awesome!

  3. To answer Giffy: we need to get better at throwing things out. When preparing for the baby we had to get rid of our spare double bed as well.

    Ruby: the pillowcase had a huge flap on the inside, and I unpicked the sides very carefully!