Monday, August 22, 2011

Gingerbread dessert

Most of the best desserts are hybrids, added to over time until the best possible version is finally produced - and then someone else takes the same, perfect recipe and adapts it to their own tastes. It is one of the things that I love best about cooking.

It occurred to me yesterday that I had developed what I thought was the perfect dessert last year. At the time I was eight months pregnant, and prepping for a dinner party. So my criteria at the time was probably something simple that was food safe in pregnancy! Little did I know that I was actually in labour, and two hours after I had stopes our guests off my waters broke. So this was also a last meal of sorts, as I spent the next week living off hospital food!

Gingernut dessert

One crushed pack of gingernut biscuits.
One tub gingerbread ice cream.
Poached fruit/ stewed fruit. I used apple and rhubarb stewed with ginger and vanilla.

I layered these ingredients in clear glass cups. Fruit, then ice cream and finally crumbs. The potential for variation is great - I picked up some amaretti biscuits today and am considering complimentary flavors...

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