Monday, February 27, 2012

Fruit and vege box

Twice now I've purchased half price boxes of fruit and veges from Riverside Orchard via one of those daily deal sites.   The first box was stone fruit and my husband and I worked mightily to eat the ripe fruit before it turned mouldy.   The second box arrived last Friday.  This one was a more standard box - perhaps exactly what a family of four could get through in a week - giant broccoli and cauliflower, a huge lettuce, three kilogrammes each of potatoes, apples and pears and a big bag of ripe peaches to top it all off.  The peaches have been worked on steadily through the weekend and we have one left.

The pears were on the hard side.  I decided to preserve them as a straightforward way of softening them up.  Did you know if you don't tell your suddenly fussy five year old that you made them yourself she will assume that you found a nicer brand of tinned pears??!!  Sigh.

Given we are still harvesting jersey bennie potatoes from our garden I was a little unsure of what to do with so many potatoes.  But then I remembered my husband's signature potato dish: potato gratin.  We like it garlicky, full of pepper and nutmeg and NO CHEESE!!  This is beautiful, rich and very much a meal to make for good friends.  We have no planned guests tonight, so I think we will have a couple of days of delicious potato side dish.

I'm going to keep an eye out for these deals.  I love being able to get such fresh fruit and veges, at a great price and delivered on a day of my choosing.  The freshness of the produce has been a real inspiration, enough at least for me to produce an entire colander of pear and potato skins for the worm farm today!

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  1. I hope that your 5 years old will soon appreciate homemade rather than canned fruit :-).


  2. Oh me too! It just seems a little unfair that she doesn't get it!