Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Great Wellington Jam-Off

It is just too hard.

Too, too hard.

Only one entry allowed per person.

But which jam?

The Great Wellington Jam-Off is being held in March during a City Market.  Picking a jam to enter is proving very, very difficult.  I love the look of my sweet orange jelly I made last year during citrus madness.  My blackberry jam is beautiful and thick.  I've even had good feedback about the marmalade....I think that there is a possibility that I make too much jam.  It seems to be hobby that sneaks up on you - I didn't think that I was actually making all that much - just small amounts here and there.  But I guess I sent out a lot of jam goodwill last year during Citrus Madness because I'm very well stocked with jams from friends at the moment.  So much jam - I'm actually trying to come up with some recipes that use jam as I just do not eat enough toast to get through it all.

If you are in Wellington and enjoy jam making I strongly recommend that you consider entering.  I have sampled a lot of delicious jam lately so I know that there are some strong contenders out there!

Also, and I'm about to use shouty caps on this next bit, the Great Wellington Jam-Off website contains MAPS OF THE BEST LOCATIONS IN WELLINGTON TO SCAVENGE FOR BLACKBERRIES.


  1. I am right into jam making. I posted about it on my blog

  2. But which one to enter?!?!

    I think I'd have to enter my feijoa and cointreau jelly, but I feel that rhubarb and ginger is my signature.... Also, I think I only have one jar of feijoa and cointreau left, although not too long until feijoa season again?

  3. @carole - marmalade with whisky sounds amazing!!! Giffy - I am fence sitting on this one. If they are after the exotic then the feijoa. But I love your rhubarb and ginger. You might have to start a facebook poll!

  4. I actually checked my stores and only have one jar of feijoa and it doesn't look the best as it's the one I made with the last of the batch and isn't as clear as it should be. So Rhubarb and Ginger it is. If I have time I'll make a new batch with red rhubarb. If I don't, can use and existing jar :)

  5. Your jams and jellies sound amazing! Really great to find your wonderful blog and look forward to meeting you on Sunday (I'll be the one dropping banana skins around the place...)