Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fair food

The first weekend in March is usually the Newtown Fair. We have been to hot fairs, windy fairs and this year the cold, rain and windy fair after the 'weatherbomb' yesterday.

We avoided the three shaved ice stalls (felt sorry for them actually) and focussed on the delicious warm offerings:

Pulled pork, coleslaw and wolf sauce sandwich in Pomodoro bread.

Beef chimichurri.

Baby's first samosa!

My older daughter tried her first mango lassi and declared it delicious! My husband grabbed some candy selections (his favourite) and I purchased some delicious candied cashews.

Although we were well soaked from the two downpours we were caught in we again felt grateful for living close by. As I type the sun came out and I assume those at the fair currently are enjoying themselves a lot more than this morning's attendees!

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