Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kitchen science - cream to butter and more jam

I think that the best part of having an inquisitive five year old is doing experiments with her.  The Sweetheart has largely been unimpressed by my cheesemaking habit.  I did suspect though that she would find making butter and buttermilk* very cool.

The four ramekins below show our experiment in progress: cream, whipped cream, butter, buttermilk.  The moment when the buttermilk and butter separate into solid and liquid is like magic - unfortunately be both missed it - and only realised once we heard the watery slosh in the mixer!  The butter is delicious and we plan to make waffles tomorrow with the buttermilk.

Afterwards we used the butter and some jam I made shortly afterwards for the most delicious post dinner toast.  The jam was the result of blackberry picking along the Hutt river the other day.  I found the recipe for blackberry and apple jam on the Wellington Jam-Off blog

* Traditional buttermilk, as opposed to the cultured buttermilk that is typically found in store.  Traditional buttermilk is watery and smooth, cultured tends to be thicker.

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