Friday, June 22, 2012

Cooking with the baby

The baby is 23 months old but will I suspect be called the baby until we either have another or she is old enough to tell us to stop calling her one.

She loves copying what we do and her favourite thing to copy at the moment is cooking! I used to do the same thing with her big sister. I'm still impressed at how quickly they learn recipes.

The baby loves eggs and knows that we will normally get one out for real baking. Three weeks ago I discovered four smashed eggs on the floor. The baby had dragged a chair to the bench, wiggled on to the bench, dropped four eggs and then left. I was speechless.

Today the baby is fake cooking. She is using the leftover flour from crumbling katsudon and mixing it. I have provided some porridge oats and water.

This will last forty minutes or so. Meanwhile I will tidy the other end of the kitchen. When finished she typically gets the brush and shovel, as well as a tea towel to clean up. It is very sweet.

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