Friday, June 29, 2012

Play dough/ pasta

I made nutella play dough the other day. It smells heavenly and was very popular with the girls and their friends.

Tonight I was mass producing lasagna so was making pasta. I really enjoy making pasta, because it is pretty easy with a bread maker/ mixer and a pasta roller.

Making pasta is very similar to playing with play dough. Both girls congregated to the kitchen, competing for the stepladder. They took turns pushing dough through the roller and generally playing with the leftover dough. I was impressed with the two year old's arm strength!

The five year old was determined to make spaghetti and linguine and used those functions on the roller. Even though dinner was long finished I offered to boil up some water so she could cook her noodles (she couldn't wait for the noodles to dry)!

I put a thermometer in the pot so she could learn about temperature and boiling. She got very excited as the temperature rose and then sprinkled the pasta into the water. She doesn't really like tomato based sauces so I tried something I'd heard about in a book about French food and added a little butter and cheese. She was very happy :)

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  1. please do share ... making pasta in the bread maker? would love the recipie and details as to how too