Friday, December 14, 2012

Revenge baking

Last week I sent this picture to my husband.

This year his workplace has decided not to include partners in their Christmas function.  It is the first year that they did this and there seems to be no good reason.  I can understand if it was about money and they needed to charge, or if it was during work hours and they were doing team building exercises but it is some kind of half-day extravaganza at the weekend.

I noticed last year that there were a couple of at-home parents there and really felt as though it was an end of year celebration for us too.  At home parents don't often get Christmas parties. I've spent the last few weeks arranging gifts/ cards/ thank you tokens to all the people in our family's life and am very aware that the at-home parent rarely gets acknowledgement for this work.

Luckily I have an awesome group of Mums involved in our own playgroup dating back nearly three years.  We will have an awesome night out next Tuesday.  I feel very grateful for this group of parents and children.

The revenge baking?  Well, I like baking and usually send my husband off with some Christmas baking for his workplace at this time of the year.  But I've decided this year that if partners are not invited to Christmas parties then partners will not bake for the workplace.  This year they didn't get home-made Oaty Blue Cheese crackers, home-made mince pies (I made the mince and pastry) or some of the most delicious purchased salted caramel macarons ever.  But I really enjoyed taking them to share with the other Mums at playgroup last week :)


  1. Good on you! Partners play a big part - home support etc so the worker can do their part! I always look forward to my partners work functions. As a stay at home mum I love getting dressed up and spending quality time with my lovely man. x

  2. @a little bit Country: I felt a little sheepish and ungenerous after this post so it was nice to read your comment. It is perhaps rather old-fashioned but when you are a stay at home parent then your partner's job can mean a lot to the family as a whole.