Friday, December 14, 2012

Quick and easy: Felt Christmas tree toy for children (no sew)

I can't work out if this is a novel idea of mine or one I came across in the blog/ Pinterest/ Facebook world.  But since I don't have any particular image of this craft idea in my head other than of my daughter's playing with them I'm going to claim this one as my own!

My favourite random craft/ party supply/ notions store is Pete's Emporium out in Porirua.  It is like a small version of Spotlight, but with an edge (and 100 different kinds of wigs).  You can buy crafting felt from there in squares or off giant rolls.  Last time I was there I picked up about ten sheets of felt, mainly green and red with the idea that I would do something Christmassy with them.

I've mainly used the felt to make more felt flower hair ties for my daughters - it is a great way of identifying hairties - particularly during the preschool years when they seem to just fall out by themselves.  After two hours of assembling felt hair ties in front of British Midsomer Murders the other night I was keen to do something that didn't involve putting a needle through my finger!  It occurred to me that I could make a felt Christmas tree for the children to decorate using felt scraps.

It is very easy.  And the children (ages 2.5 and 6) both really enjoy playing with them.  It takes all of the children's best self-control not to touch the Christmas tree so this is a nice alternative for them.

Felt Christmas tree

One square of green felt
Selection small felt off cuts in colours other than green.

Fold the square of green felt in half.  Cut out a tree shape (I didn't need a template and I doubt you do).  Give to the children with the scraps and let them decorate their own tree.

I'm considering sewing the tree to a square of felt in a contrasting colour just to keep the edges looking nice.  My two trees are stored in a plastic bag, you can make something nicer if you want!

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