Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cherry Blossom moshi

This post is mainly written to act as a thank you for a very cool tutorial I came across on a blog I subscribe to, Indietutes.  It is pretty cool.

My four year old will only wear dresses at the moment and it is kind of annoying and practical.  But she is cute and has wild hair and she pulls it off!

In one mad weekend I made three of these peasant dresses using the Indietutes tutorial as the basis.  I later made really cool denim versions using awesome fabric from Stitchbird on the arms.

Anyway this is the 'Cherry Blossom Moshi' dress as it has been christened.  The more I try to understand what a moshi is, the more I fail.  But it means something to four year olds!  The fabric is really lovely.  My husband purchased it as lining for a shirt he had custom-made.  I think it is quite sweet that they match!

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