Thursday, July 14, 2011

Winter illness

What do you do?

There is a nasty cold bug going round at the moment.  In babies it seems to imitate croup - the babies are having trouble breathing at times, and have a barking cough.   In older children there is a lot of coughing and a fair amount of phlegm.  As an adult I have sore ears, a sore throat, a nasty cough and feel tired and moany.  I haven't been conducting a population survey of symptoms - this is just my family and one person or another has been sick all week.  With the girls' previous colds, there has been illness in the family nearly continuously for a month.

I'm over it.


My husband took time off work this afternoon so that I could take a turn being sick.  Except by the time that he finished and got home it was three o'clock.  I was incandescent with rage.  It felt so unfair - I just wanted one afternoon to be sick and it hadn't worked out.  By the time I'd calmed down enough to sleep it was 4pm, then my husband had to be back at work at 6pm.

Now I'm quite aware that this paints me in a very selfish light, but how is it that mothers recharge when ill?


  1. I suspect we have the same. My question is, how can I get better without more rest???!! I'm so grumpy and short tempered right now it is not a joke.

  2. You need the rest. Seriously. I feel terrible and my asthma has just tanked and if I hadn't had this morning off I would probably have gone around the bend.

    Strike time I'm afraid. You are only available for feeds. Wear earplugs. Stop.

    For mums, and breastfeeding mums in particular this can mean our partners have to use their leave to accomodate this (even if it puts their department to massive hassles).

    Yesterday I couldn't have cared less if there had been an emergency as my husband left the office. Just didn't care.