Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Making bacon part 2


It is pretty good.  Actually, it is delicious!

I find packaging up homemade food so satisfying!  It looks so good. I got four packs of bacon slices, one pack of bacon 'bits' (due to my somewhat amateur cutting) a bag of bacon bones and a slab of bacon fat (which I wouldn't normally keep, but I have a recipe I'm curious to try that requires this so kept it).

Economics wise this bacon is a pretty good deal.  The pork shoulder was on discount - half off.  It cost $13.  The bacon wet cure cost $10 for the bag - and I used a quarter of it.  It took two days of sitting in the fridge to be ready, and then took about 25 minutes to cut up.  Not bad.  I don't have any paper thin slices (partially as a result of my cutting skills - and the fact that I don't have a slicing machine) but in terms of throwing some bacon in a dish or making a delicious BLT we are set for a long time.

I'm cooking up the first batch now in a Coq au Vin.  The house smells awesome.  And in a related fun fact, if you have put all of your matches in emergency storage bins out in the shed, by the time that you get them out to light the brandy the alcohol has given up and died!

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