Monday, April 9, 2012

Annual epic Easter Lunch. At dinner time.

Each year we host an Easter lunch for those of our friends who don't have better plans.  It is quite a flexible affair - the invitation goes out widely and the number of attendees varies.  One year we had four guests, last year every single person I invited attended (it was a tight fit).  This year we had a respectable turnout of fourteen guests. 

Last year we made 'chipoussil' (quail inside a poussin inside a chicken).  We were concerned that it would be difficult to top that but then a friend suggested a theme - Kiwiana/ old recipes.  She particularly wanted to try blancmange and flummery.  This seemed like a good idea and we then moved the lunch to dinner so that young children could nap and then come for an early dinner.  I actually forgot that we were doing that, and in my head everyone was coming for lunch.  So everything was prepared and ready for 11.30am!  I very sheepishly informed my husband of the delay!

It was a fun and joyful day.  Everyone rose to the occasion - some of the dishes are pictured below.  My favourite memories are:
  • trying to explain to my Chinese New Zealander husband the purpose of devilled eggs;
  • the children pulling about my daughter's bed to jump on the mattress, make it 'snow' by sprinkling stickers (and then toys) over the stair rail;
  • working out that the terrine would taste nicer if it was hot, contained flavouring spices and had other ingredients (we followed a recipe from the seventies that was a little stodgy);
  • making a turducken style terrine would be fun;
  • whatever happened to the legs of the fifth chick sitting on top of the beautiful sponge cake
  • and finally, having two sleepy cuddles with a very beautiful eight week old baby.

Dyed devilled eggs sprinkled with curry powder!

Chicken liver parfait, going into the oven.

Roast lamb, kumara salad, bean salad and the devilled eggs



'Fruit cake of a sham bride.'

Hedgehog biscuits

Pork and pheasant terrine.

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  1. Devilled eggs don't need to have a purpose. They're rad.