Monday, April 23, 2012

Remembering today

For some reason I want to remember today*. There have been so many little things that make up a typical day with the kids and I have the strongest inclination to record them.

I decided today was the day to introduce my 20 month old to cooking the house speciality: chocolate chip pancakes.

I turned my back for five minutes to book some cheap flights for my Mum....turns out that after putting flour in the bowl my presence became unnecessary. My older daughter measured out the ingredients and emphatically mixed them together. Some of the densest, most leaden pancakes I've ever seen resulted. They got eaten.

My oldest daughter went through the calendar today, adding apostrophes and 's' on all the birthdays. Apparently just writing a name on the date is insufficient. A small part of me is quite glad to have produced a budding grammar Nazi, another part is irked at being corrected.

At breakfast I got told highlights from last night's dinner out: "the Ice-cream was smoking without even a cigarette!" The restaurant uses dry ice on kid's desserts.

Creating a floor bed after playing the deliciously risky 'stair bed' game with her friend. Gravely informing me that she and her friend would have a sleepover when they were both six (an age of great importance).

The baby has come down sick over the course of the day. She slept for 2.5 hours, a record. I had enough time to eat lunch, mop the floors, put the garden to bed for the winter, have and get over a migraine, tidy the kitchen and discuss the state of the world with my neighbour. I'm not glad she is sick but getting so much work out of the way was great!

I realised my daughter has a standard order at the library: two fairy books, a Maori legend and a science DVD.

*By today I mean a day last week.  Our family spent the entire holidays sick so this post was drafted some day last week!

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  1. What lovely memories, actually, I think that blogger is great for recording these little pearls of life :-).

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  2. PS
    I hope that you are all better now :-)