Sunday, April 1, 2012

Making Easter Eggs

When I was little my mother made our Easter eggs each year. Chocolate was purchased from a family friend who carved it off a giant slab. We looked forward to our favourite shapes each year.

This was a tradition that I was keen to continue and we did this evening.

The chocolates below are this year's new shape: Lego blocks!

The Sweetheart assembling the egg moulds!

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Location:Mansfield St,Wellington,New Zealand


  1. Very cool! This year Ada and I cut open a few large hollow eggs with very hot knives and custom-stuffed them with wee yellow chicks and chocolate coins, before reclosing and rewrapping.

    It's what my mother's mother did.

  2. The lego blocks are awesome! My mum still has the chocolate moulds we used as kids, will have to borrow them.

  3. @Maire: It can be so cool passing on traditions! The eggs sound very cute!

    @Michelle: you can get the chocolate to go in the moulds from Spotlight!

  4. Lego chocolate sounds good to me!

    happy Easter :-)