Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year

I keep trying to celebrate holidays with meaning to our family in ways that the children can understand. This often means using food, crafts and stories. Food is quite easy to understand for kids. Duck is a special occasion food in our house so we decided to introduce the kids to duck pancakes.

If you can find a decent sized Asian grocer you can buy duck pancakes frozen. They are though the easiest bread to make so google yourself a recipe - it is usually flour and boiling water!

Finely chop some cucumber and spring onions in two inch length slices. Get yourself some plum sauce - I like a thick dark savoury sauce (tonight I used Watties Bit On the Side Plum). Some prefer the thin, pale orange plum sauce that you can purchase at Asian food stores.

Buy or cook a lacquered red duck. Shred the meat.

Spread the plum sauce down the middle of the pancake, add shredded duck (a bit of skin, a bit of flesh), cucumber and spring onion. Fold up the bottom and then the sides. Eat.

Happy Year of the Dragon.

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