Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas leftovers/ dinner platter

I can't work out why I didn't come up with this earlier.  This is the ideal Make-do Mum meal.  If I had a rating system it would probably get five stars.  You know how you have all those leftover items from Christmas (in my case ham and unopened hummus/ pate)?  Well if you arrange them all on a big platter and add some crackers and fresh rye bread then you have an awesomely social meal where everyone can have a little something that they like.  The baby loves capsicum, ham and fresh peas while her big sister enjoyed the celery, smoked salmon and rye bread.  It was the perfect non-dinner dinner.

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  1. This really is a good idea and thinking aboutb it I had all those leftovers! I tried so hard to get them all used but some ended up in the bin..I will definitely do your idea next year. Thank You!

  2. Thanks Christmas Parties! I really liked how easy it was.