Thursday, December 29, 2011

My happy place/ Boysenberry jam.

When someone offers you 2kg of freshly picked boysenberries in exchange for an airport pick up you throw the kids in the car with a sandwich and a toy each and drive.  My kitchen smells amazing, and the dark purple jars on my windowsill are showing off my spoils to the neighbourhood.

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Eta: changed blackberries to boysenberries!


  1. Yum, pray tell where one gets fresh blackberries from? It is still too early to get them down here.

  2. Mine were picked in Nelson yesterday and flown in this morning. I just saw some in the supermarket for $6 for a tiny punnet

  3. Mmmm. As a recently-emigrated South Islander, I'm a bit bemused by the price of berry fruit in the north!