Saturday, December 10, 2011

Most delicious cake recipe ever: Fresh Pineapple Viennese Cake

My husband and I have been taking advantage of Wellington Library's free magazine Thursdays.  We have, on average, taken out 10 magazines a week and been feeling very well informed on current events.  In reading an old edition of the listener I came across this recipe.  I really wanted an excuse to make it, and it came in the form of an impromptu 'stich 'n' bitch' session at my house the other night. 

If you are after a cake recipe that looks and tastes amazing then this is just delicious.  I think it would also be lovely with ripe fresh peaches or nectarines.  My tips for the recipe are to cook it for five or ten minutes longer than the stated cooking time (mine was undercooked in the centre and you cannot tell until you have taken the cake out of the tins) and to make sure that you really push in the sliced almonds - otherwise many will fall off when you are assembling the cake.  The cake mixture is very sticky and hard to work with - but is much easier to work with after it has been refrigerated. 

Eaten on the day it is lovely and light; eaten the next day the meringue is chewier and like toffy - so still very delicious!

I was so happy - the cake looks just like the picture in the magazine!!

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  1. Yes it does look like the one in the picture, and I am sure that it is delicious (especially nice to see a cake with fresh - not canned - pineapple!).

    In regard to you comment, I answered you on my blog but I copy here: that's great, I am so happy! And I would like to try the elderflower, did you use an essence or syrup or something else?I am so happy! And I would like to try the elderflower, did you use an essence or syrup or something else?

    Last thing, if you don't mind I am putting your link on my NZ blogroll.


  2. Thanks Alessandra, I make homemade elderflower cordial and just replaced the vanilla in your recipe for half the amount of elderflower syrup. I had tried drying elderflower in the caster sugar, this did not work well. The smell was horrid and (luckily) dissipated in the fresh air! I made rose sugar with dried rose petals that I sieved out after a few days.

  3. impressive indeed....what do you think it would be like made with rhubarb?

  4. @becs - I can only imagine greatness from that pairing! In my head I see trays of mini versions, macaron sized with rhubarb in the middle!