Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas tree

The tree is up and it is a chaotic mess of colour!  I personally have never been into the coordinated Christmas trees, but then I'm probably not organised enough to pull off the look.  I like colour and homemade decorations and over the last  few years I've really enjoyed watching little hands constantly redecorate the tree by moving the decorations around.  Our tree is groaning with decorations.

Made by Rae is one of my favourite blogs at the moment and a few weeks ago she suggested sewing felt shapes together to make a festive garland.  I made a few with felt butterflies, and I also made Christmas shaped ones by using my biscuit cutters as the guide shapes!  I've also made some with crowns, hearts and circles for the Sweetheart's room and another one with kiwis, hearts and triangles for the Poppet's room.  I've perhaps gone a little crazy sewing felt shapes together - it is just a satisfying and easy project!

Last year I went to Handmade, a craft conference held at Te Papa (there will be another one next year).  I took a class in repurposing pillowcases held by Heleen from Ruby in the Dust.  I really enjoyed her workshop, and I now have a new hobby of rummaging through op shops for funky old pillowcases.  She was selling felt heart kits at Craft 2.0 and I thought that they would look perfect on the Christmas tree.

Butterfly garlands.  So very cheerful.

My attempt at using up some spare buttons - I cut out some Christmas tree shapes with my biscuit cutters, stuffed them with cotton wool and sewed together with embroidery thread.

The tree is currently protected by a square baby safety gate (we call it the baby jail).   This has not stopped both girls from playing with the decorations - and yesterday the Poppet nearly pulled over the entire tree.    Lets hope it survives another twenty days.

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