Friday, December 2, 2011

Right now in the backyard: the seahorse and the bumblebee.

The weather this week has been amazing. My five year old comes home hot and bothered each day so today I set up the little ball pit in the shade and put in a couple of buckets of water.

The bumblebee escaped to pick daisies on the lawn and the seahorse dominated the ball pit quite cheerfully.

The seahorse asked if she could eat dinner in the pool.  I've had to decline - I can't imagine trying to keep track of the active little bumblebee on the lawn long enough for her to eat anything!

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  1. Bumble bee outfit is *adorable*!!

  2. What a gorgeous picture of the cute bumble bee ;0)

  3. I was powerless to resist this purchase. She does actually have a vastly more serious sun smart one but it was hot and I couldn't help myself. The Sweetheart kept yelling out 'look out for the stinger on the bee!'