Thursday, January 12, 2012

School Hols and cooking.

I'd been looking forward to the Sweetheart's first school holidays. However, I have learnt that for a stay at home Mum the school holidays increases your workload a fair amount. Days alternative between busy and blissful to chaotic and horrid.  When my husband arrived home this evening I was standing in the hallway with my hands covering my eyes, the Poppet crying in her cot and the Sweetheart waiting very patiently for me to come and read to her.  With young children the days are long!

 I'm a bit under the weather and quite tired.  I didn't feel like bothering with cooking so I made a perfectly healthy dinner the make-do mum way: buying it. I bought a  pack of sashimi and a large chicken bento for lunch today. The children devoured the sashimi pack. The bento came home* with us and has just provided dinner for three.

I suspect that the food experiments are on hold for another 3.5 weeks (hanging out for 7 February)!  Even getting to a point where I can release the Poppet from my leg long enough to prepare dinner is an achievement on busy days.

The sweetheart nabbed the salmon out of the sushi!

* If you are a parent you are probably quite used to hauling weird stuff through town in your pram. The people at the table next to us couldn't take their eyes off me as I transferred the uneaten food into a container and put it in the tray off the pram. Beats carrying it from my perspective.  It is not by any means the weirdest thing that I have carried in there.

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