Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dear Nigella: thanks for pomegranate ice cream.

I was reading cookbooks while eating breakfast this morning.  Every now and then I need a bit of inspiration so I go back to the books and take a look at what is around.  With many of Nigella Lawson's recipes I've found that more of some of her more exotic ingredients are now available where I live.  When I came across pomegranate ice cream I knew that I had a good project for the day.

Nigella's No Churn Pomegranate Ice-Cream is perhaps the dreamiest recipe that I've made in awhile.  It has four ingredients and as long as you can get hold of two pomegranates then you are in luck.  I found some in my local supermarket this morning and quite cheerfully added two of the overpriced fruit to my trolley.

After getting home I put the baby to sleep in the pram and my daughter and I got out my mixer and tapped out the pomegranates, measured the icing sugar, squeezed the lime and then added a bottle of cream.  Some poor memorising of the recipe meant that I purchased a 300ml bottle of cream instead of 500ml.  The mixture tastes amazing anyway, and my only regret is getting too small a bottle as it has reduced the amount of ice cream available for the family!  The resulting creamy mixture is fragrant, marshmallow-creamy and a perfect pink.  My daughter and I cannot wait the four hours required - we have scooped some into a tiny container that is already half frozen an hour later.

I think that this would form the basis of a rather amazing Eton mess:  add crushed meringues, some macerated fruit salad to the unfrozen mixture and you would have a very elegant and delicious dessert.
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  1. That looks absolutely delicious! As does the cheddar - you must be very proud of it!

    I just caught up on your latest entries - inspirational as always Make-do Mum!

  2. Thanks Penny. The icecream was a great find and will be on my dinner-party dessert list for a long time to come!