Thursday, March 3, 2011

Autumn treats - plum heaven

Last year while I was pregnant another pregnant friend put me on to omega plums.  They are delicious.  In my greed I purchased way too many from Pak'n'Sav so needed to either gorge myself or process them somehow.  At the same time I have been determined to learn how to make 'Peach, Apricot and Semolina' - the only tinned baby food that I would eat myself.

Semolina is either an old fashioned or new fad ingredient, depending on who you are talking to.  It is used in bread and pasta making, and in the middle east/ greece/ italy it is also found in desserts.

Two minutes of internet research and I had a few base recipes to play with.  Both of these are just delicious.  The version with milk is for older babies, after eight months.

Boil up some fruit.  I used five plums and four apples.  Be generous with the liquid.  Puree or mash, depending on the age of your baby.  Add half a cup of the puree/ mash to the recipe below. 

Semolina base

200ml milk or juice (I used the cooking liquid from the fruit)
3TBSP semolina (ask at the bakery of your supermarket if hard to find - they may sell you some of theirs)
2TBSP extra juice

Bring the liquid to the boil then rapidly whisk in the semolina.  You may need to whisk for four or five minutes, and I took the pot off the element while doing this.  Add the extra juice.  You may need to add extra liquid if the mixture is very thick. 

* NB I added a teeny tiny bit of butter (1/2 tsp) to the juice only version to assist with dissolving the semolina.  This is optional.

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