Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby food - puree heaven

When my elder daughter reached puree stage I enthusiastically prepared homemade purees for a couple of weeks then found myself often buying the cans for convenience.  This time round I decided to try and make as much as possible, reserving the canned stuff for when we go out. I'm not much on quantities with my style of cooking so I will approximate.

New favourite purees.

Lentil, courgette and steak.

1 cup red lentils (don't need soaking - turn yellow on cooking).
1 courgette, peeled and sliced
1 piece of well cooked steak (I cut a piece of my own steak - just a piece around 3x1 inches). Finely sliced.

Cook lentils, steak and courgette in two cups of water until very soft.  Puree or mash depending on your baby's age.

Nutient-dense, low mess meal.

Half a banana
A cooked egg yolk*
1 tsp baby rice 

Roughly chop up the banana and microwave until squidgy and quite liquidy.  Mash in egg yolk and baby rice.  The meal will look quite dry, but it is a good texture for them to explore!  The dry aspect of it means that it doesn't make all that much mess.
* Follow the egg eating guidelines applicable to your baby.

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