Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sewing for madam

Four year olds have very demanding tastes.  My daughter is into tutus at the moment.  This is OK on ballet day, but at home she pretty much wants to wear her signature green tutu every day.  The problem is that it is way to small for her.  I'll probably make her a new one soon, unless I can find another funky, non pink tutu somewhere.  Anyway, I was looking for the world's easiest sewing patterns and found this one online Easy skirt.  It is awesome, and so easy.  I think if you are good at sewing and have an iron turned on ready to go you could have the skirt finished in about 25mins.  It took me about two hours, but there was some unpicking and a lot of interruption from children!

I am currently raiding the rest of the material stash to make a couple more of these! 

While she deigned to model for the photo, she preferred her standard tutu for the rest of the day!

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  1. Maybe get some tulle and make it a two layer skirt with tulle as the top layer? Would that be tutu enough for madam?