Saturday, March 19, 2011

More baby food! The constipation breaker! Pear, brocolli and pea

Lots of traditional baby foods (bananas, baby rice) can make babies constipated.  So a handy meal to balance this out is good to have.  I decided to use a fruit vege combo of the foods that would be most conducive to constipation relief!  Broccoli and peas work well with my daughter, and pears are also a classic!

I got some great free pears from my husband's workplace -  a huge gorgeous pear tree with heaps of ripe pears going to waste.  I peeled and cored them, then cooked them up with a little water (could use stock as well).  Once the pear was soft and easy to mash I added in the brocolli (messily chopped into little pieces) and the peas.  The ratio was about one cup of pear mash, half a cup of brocolli and a quarter a cup of peas.  I kept cooking until most of the liquid was gone and the peas and brocolli were also soft.  I used the stick mixer to make sure all the peas were chopped up (they don't mash well) and froze them in little ice cubes.  The pear smells delicious, and the peas give the food a great colour.  There is also a bonus of a good texture from all the different foods: smooth from the pear, lumpy dots of brocolli and tiny chunks of peas.

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