Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cream cheese and Mad Millie

While down south for Christmas I brought a  Mad Milliebrand cheese making kit from a Bin Inn.  I'd had a couple of goes at making marscapone (actually very easy) and wanted to have a go at making mozarella.  I made the most delicious, rich ricotta from the kit and so was naturally keen to have a go at making a couple more.

A friend directed me to their first ever stall at the Frank Kitts Park Saturday market and the idea of a 10% discount was enough to wander down to get another kit.  I purchased the fresh cheese kit, which can make haloumi, cream cheese, feta, quark and cottage cheese.  And it comes with spores!!!

So I'm having a go at making cream cheese right now - two litres of silver top milk, spores and a small amount of rennet dissolved in water.  Now I just leave it for 24hrs.  Honestly, the actual cheese preparation took half the time of sterilising everything first.

Lets see how it works....


When I woke up this morning the spores and rennet had done their work!  The bowl of milk was now solid, four hours later you can see whey forming as it firms up.  Tonight I will remove and hang overnight!  Yum!

Further ETA: The cheese is now draining.  I got a bit bored while waiting for it so made some marscapone at the same time (I found ladyfingers on special at the Mediterranean Food Warehouse so Tiramisu is in my future).


  1. I bought the beginner's kit. Keen to try making mozzarella too. Have you made it yet?

  2. No - want to come by one day for a mozzarella making event? It is a bit more involved than the marscapone, but I think will look much cooler. We could make ricotta at the same time, then perhaps make pizza for our families for dinner! I've also got some small glass jars for your jam making project.