Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oxtail ragu with handkerchief pasta

Fancy title!

I'm really fond of oxtail soup, but two years ago I got the latest edition of cuisine, saw this oxtail ragu recipe and decided then and there to make it for my friends that night.  It was superbly yummy.  Handkerchief pasta is basically ripped up bits of pasta sheets (I reckon  it would be a great way to use up all the broken bits at the bottom of the pasta container as well).  The recipe is here Oxtail ragu

My friend lent me her pasta roller the other day so I decided to make the pasta to go with it.  Due to a rather idiotic overpurchasing moment I have heaps of semolina.  My breadmaker can also knead pasta dough so I threw the eggs, semolina and flour into the breadmaker and went to pick up my daughter from creche.  Once I got home I wrapped it in glad wrap to rest for 30 mins and am about to roll out now. 

I've purchased a couple of chocolate pots and world's most delicous vanilla custard, Dollop pudding's brand.  Tonight it is cold and raining.  We have three DVDs that have arrived from Fatso, and are all set up!

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