Friday, April 15, 2011

Raindrops on roses - favourites.

I have an amazing PIN group, who put me on to alphabet spaghetti.  I've looked for it in shops periodically, and I cannot work out why I didn't think to check Mediterranean Food Warehouse  The advice I received was to go to the second aisle, as there were two types, and the ones in the second aisle were cheaper.  I also found some funky Christmas shaped ones.  I let my oldest daughter choose which pasta she wanted for dinner - she chose the Christmas ones and I 'decorated' them with 'spots' (pesto).  She actually ate it.  Two nights later I made one of our classic family standbys, dumplings cooked in stock with veges and used the alphabet pasta.  My daughter spelled out her name by sorting through some uncooked letters, then 'cooked herself.'  This is when I learnt that alphabet pasta only takes three or four minutes to cook!

 Spelling out her name!

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