Thursday, April 21, 2011

Progesterone poisioning pork/ Crumbed pork with rhubarb ginger jam

My husband is a bit addicted to Leuven restaurant here in Wellington.  It is a Belgium 'beer garden' kind of place, that serves copious amounts of steamed mussels.  We are not really into beer or even mussels, but there are heaps of other lovely dishes, and since the menu doesn't seem to change we pretty much know what we are going to have before we get there.

My favourite for a long time has been a crumbed pork chop on mashed potato with apple.  Unfortunatly last time I ate it was while I was pregnant and had a rather omnipresent nausea coupled with the odd power chuck.  I ate my meal, felt ill, went outside to take the air - then had to decide whether to vomit in the toilet or in the gutter.  I ran inside and vomited copiously in the sink.  I cleaned up as best I could (while my sister in law checked up on me) and then had to shamefacedly go and let the rather taken aback staff know that I had been ill in the sink and some bleach was required.  While I doubt I'm the first person to vomit there, I bet you I'm probably one of the few who has done it during the early dinner service.

Anyway, recently we were given some delicious rhubarb and ginger jam made by a good friend (Giffy whose comments show up here sometimes).  I decided to make my homage to that delicious meal.  It will be a while before we go back.

Progesterone poisioning pork

Pork chops (large ones, one per person)
Panko crumbs
Fresh parsley
One apple
Quarter red cabbage
1/4 cup orange juice
One leek
Butter and oil.
Four potatoes
Delicious rhubarb and ginger jam to serve

Finely dice the parsley, add to the panko crumbs then crumb the pork chops.  Fry in a saucepan, then remove to a rack on an oven tray and finish off in the oven.  While baking in the oven, core and quarter the apple and place on the oven rack to bake. Finely chop the red cabbage and slowly fry in a saucepan, using the orange juice as a braising liquid.  Cook until soft and well reduced in size.  Boil potatoes for mashed potato (I keep the skin on because it is going to be a chunky mash).  Drain and leave to cool.  Reuse pot and cook the leek in a little butter until wilted.  Put the potato back in, mash and add milk as required to achieve desired smoothness).

To serve.  Put a blob of mash in the middle of the plate, top with the cabbage then the pork chop.  Put the apple and delicious jam on the side.  Yum!


  1. Glad you like the jam :) I'm hoping to get more rhubarb, so that I can make more and share the love.

  2. It was awesome. DH, who rarely likes sauces on his food said that that jam was really amazing!