Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blossoms and bad days

What a difference 24 hours can make. The Sweetheart has a broken collarbone and so hasn't been able to attend creche this past week. The Poppet has missed having one on one attention and is a bit confused as to why her playmate hasn't been as fun. She has dealt with this by becoming a little cling on.

It has rained all week and between one daughter who has trouble sleeping due to pain and another who is still erratic in her sleep it has been a long week.

It culminated in a horrid day where the baby didn't sleep and the injured big sister slept too long and at the wrong time. It was nine pm when they were finally in bed and quiet. By this stage I was a frazzled mess. I went for a late night walk and then went to bed. The next day the sun came out, we spent the whole day out and about and tempers were restored. We went to pick up my husband and spent ten minutes playing under this tree at his work. It was delightful and just a complete turn around from the previous day. I always love days where we can all get to the end of it and be happy and relaxed.

Picking up the blossoms on the grass to take home.

It looked like a movie

Waiting for blossom to fall

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