Monday, October 3, 2011

Home days and bento fun

We are having 'home days.' This is what the Sweetheart calls non-creche days. She is at home because she broke her collarbone and is a miserable wee thing.  Although the break is small 'trivial' as the doctor referred to it - probably because he was surprised that it was broken - it is quite painful and it has been a quiet few days.  Luckily her sleep has improved a bit, I didn't need to get up to give her panadol in the middle of the night and a visit with a wee friend who had a similar injury earlier in the year really improved her spirits.

In addition to being sleepy, moany and weepy she has been off her food a bit.  I guess the pain, lack of sleep and perhaps the pain medication have all combined to put her off.  So today I decided a food intervention was required.

Luckily Giffy lent me this amazing book, The Just Bento Cookbook.  We decided to make the bunny themed meal, with sausage and cucumber tulips.  It is a little hard to see below, but there is rice underneath, with cos lettuce 'grass,' grape 'rocks,' the tulips, bread bunnies and some field mushrooms.  The Sweetheart actually said 'Thank you Mummy for my lovely bento dinner' (a manners achievement for sure) and I heard her talking to herself while eating 'this is the best dinner ever.'  She ate a fair amount of it, then inexplicably put the box on the ground.  When I turned around from sewing to see why the baby was being so quiet it was to a scene of bento leftover destruction: rice everywhere.  Sigh.  I swear I have to vacuum every day at the moment.  Still, glad that the meal was appealing to both of them.  I'll be remembering this.

For those concerned about the waste from the elaborate food prep:  I had a 'bits' sandwich and the Poppet dealt with the rest!

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  1. Looks so good! I'm thinking I may have to buy more copies of the book so I can gift them to others. I really like it.

  2. It was so popular! Now to expand the girls' taste in sandwich fillings!

  3. Just to prove that I am human: today is cheese rolls for lunch, not elaborate Japanese lunch of beauty!

  4. that dinner is so cute! No wonder she loved it! (well, until... you know).

  5. It was very cute - she had a less decorative bento for dinner - karaage. I gave Jessica the box to finish off!

  6. I am really sorry to hear about the collar bone break, and really feel for her. Poor chicken! A lovely meal, reminds me of things my mother did to make us eat our veges! Hope she improves. xo