Monday, October 31, 2011


Not generally keen on celebrating Halloween myself.  I still see it as a British and American celebration with little relevance for most New Zealanders.  I'm also very sceptical of the increase in Halloween activities in New Zealand - as many of them seem to me to be an excuse to create a market where one is not required. 

It took quite a lot of explaining to the Sweetheart that our family doesn't celebrate Halloween, but that other families do.  Actually, it was kind of a neat opportunity to talk about the things that make our family unique.  The Sweetheart was invited to her first Halloween party - and this provided a further learning opportunity: that some families do celebrate Halloween, and that you can share in their celebrations. 

If you know my daughter personally you will not be surprised to learn that she is a Halloween fairy.  Her costume includes fairy wings and a witch hat from the $2 shop.  She screamed 'Happy Halloween' at the top of her lungs this morning and asked where the jack 'o' lantern was. 

The Halloween party we are going to is a pot luck BBQ.  I've marinated some chicken nibbles to take along, but couldn't resist making something a wee bit more 'celebratory.'  These are chocolate 'toffee' apples rolled in orange sprinkles.  Turns out if you pay enough for dark chocolate, you can find dairy and soy free dark chocolate! We will be having fairy versions of these at the Sweetheart's birthday party next week.

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  1. Come to the Sweetheart's party and you can have a chocolate one with fairy sprinkles!