Saturday, October 29, 2011

Craft 2.0

Today Craft 2.0 is on. I dragged the girls down to have a look and was instantly charmed. Money was spent (too much) and my head was left full of ideas.

Go there. Take cash or buy 'craft cash' for use on the day. It is on today only.

Reasons I like smaller craft fairs like this?  They celebrate diversity (and I don't just mean ethnicity, but rather the right to wear a panda hat with steampunk jewellery) and they are filled with Mums, many of whom have started a new career in crafting after having children.  I love the ideas and fabric.  I love that the crafters use the fabric made by local fabric designers.  I got to meet some of my favourite designers, Dustys&Lulu, creators of awesome print designs and Sweet William, who have designed their own children's colouring book (full of awesome designs rather than the typical animal pictures).  I also got to catch up with Heleen from Ruby in the Dust.  I did her pillowcase transformation workshop last year - and have since gone a little pillowcase mad!  I have a stack of pillowcases from the op shop waiting to be transformed into aprons, dresses, bags and pants.  I also encountered a neighbour who produces the most amazing steampunk jewellery.

An awesome morning, would have been a little more awesome if it didn't involve dragging a protesting four year old behind me!

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  1. I love markets like this, we have had a few in Chch and I have bought Daisy some gorgeous stuff, such a lovely way to shop. Thanks for the Sweet William link - have had a browse and I just love their one page calendars!

  2. Oh thanks - Sweet William is just beautiful. I think it is nice for children to be exposed to some really beautiful things, and their designs are really lovely!