Monday, October 24, 2011

New favourite shop for birthday party and craft supplies

When I was at 'Handmade' last year I overheard a snippet of advice.  Apparently, in Auckland, shops ending in 'emporium/ imporium' were great places to get craft supplies.  I wasn't aware of any in Wellington, but did note with interest a place called 'Pete's Emporium' in Porirua a couple of months ago.  Yesterday we had only the baby at home so we ducked out to explore the shop and to take in Dressmart as well.

I could spend an hour in this store.  There was a huge fabric area, with hundreds of buttons (more than Spotlight), rows of trim and all kinds of sewing accessories.  There was a huge aisle of birthday party supplies/ stocking fillers and the biggest collection of wigs that I have ever seen.  They must stock 100 different styles of wig.  It was like a much more interesting version of a $2 shop.  They had some fairly decent toys and I got a couple of small things to put in the activity bags I'm assembling for school holiday entertainment.  They had a huge selection of costumes and Halloween accessories.

The store is located near Countdown in Porirua.  It is massive and kind of hard to miss.


  1. Ah, you hadn't been? Last time I went I had awesome service in the fabric area too. So much fun :)

  2. It seemed life changing. Full of the kind of crap that I love to explore. And what seems like much better fabric service than Spotlight!