Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Planned food experiment: creating my own yeast and baking with it.

I really enjoyed baking with the fresh yeast and wondered about making my own.  I've found a site where you can make your own yeast water and it follows with a basic bread recipe using the yeast water.  I'm going to start the yeast water tonight.

A friend and I were discussing how the pioneers to New Zealand made yeast in bottles.  It is outlined in the book 'No One Went to Town' by Phylis Johnston.  It is a true account of pioneer life in rural Taranaki. I was so excited when my friend mentioned this - it was a book that I had as a child and I have been searching for it for ages.  I couldn't remember the title or author though!  It has become a semi-rare book.  It hasn't been printed since the 1980's so there are only second hand copies floating around.  I've managed to get hold of the sequel and am keeping an eye on Trade Me for the first one.

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