Thursday, September 8, 2011

96 Grapefruit, a bag each of oranges and lemons and a dozen duck eggs

I've been on holiday.  It wasn't long enough but I did get enough of a mental break to get thinking of some fun projects when one landed in my lap: I asked my Mother in Law if I could have a bag of grapefruit and lemons from her tree.  I got four bags of grapefruit, one each of lemons and oranges.  Six plastic supermarket bags of citrus fruit have travelled the length of the North Island with us.

Do you think that I can use them all?  I'd like to try.

I also found a local source of duck eggs via a friend.  When I got home late last night there were a dozen beautiful pale blue and pink eggs in a carton on my back porch.  Duck eggs are apparently fantastic for baking - resulting in the lightest sponges.  They are very rich when fried or poached, and there is debate as to whether they are as nice as chicken eggs when prepared this way.

So I'm going back to pasta making.  I think it is time to invest in that pasta maker.


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