Thursday, September 1, 2011

Charcuterie 4, and the impact of spring on cheesemaking

I'm continuing with the processed meat experiments.

I really liked the pancetta I made last time, but wondered how well it was preserved in the centre of the meat.  When I realised that I would be on holiday when the recently defrosted pork belly would finish preserving I decided to experiment a little.  This time I have cut the pork belly into strips and am flipping every day.  The meat appears to be shrinking very quickly.  As a flavour experiment I've added a whole lot of semi-dried rosemary.  I think it will be very nice.  I found the pancetta tough to cut into strips last time, I'm considering seeing if the local butcher might help out with their slicing machine....

I don't have a 'cheese fridge/ beer fridge' so my cheesemaking throughout winter has relied on fairly consistent low temperatures.  I just put the ripening cheese in a container on the back porch.  Most of the time it has been absolutely perfect.  However it is getting warmer and the camembert I made yesterday will need a different ripening location...

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  1. Emma - I use polybins with a glass of water inside for humidification to age, ripen and dry our cheeses. Then they go into the garage where the temperatures are the most consistent. But summer is NOT the right time to make cheese up in the Bay of Islands. Too hot and it just doesn't turn out right without some more specialised equipment.