Thursday, September 15, 2011

Suction bowls for high chairs

Felt very smug this week as my thirteen month old fed herself weetbix in a bowl.  It was one of those suction bowls.  The next morning she ripped off the bowl and sent weetbix flying all over the carpet.  Lame.  Apparently few people have success with them.

At the same time the completely obvious has been pointed out to me: not to make as runny weetbix (use less milk).

We live, we learn!


  1. I used to add a tsp of baby rice cereal to daisy's milk to thicken it up on the weetbix! Had been tempted by those suction bowls but never bought one, no loss it sounds like?! Becs@lovelyweedays

  2. No loss whatsoever! I haven't been stocking the rice cereal (in fact, I purchased the weetbix because the supermarket was out of rice cereal the day I went) but might get in some more. I think I'll be giving my daughter toast slices on the days I can't be bothered with the cereal!