Monday, September 12, 2011

Playing with the lemons and fixing the jelly

Giffy, a frequent commenter on this blog, suggested lemon confit. I was considering preserving heaps of the lemons so was very glad for another idea.

The recipe is straightforward and easy to just leave cooking away. One of the instructions in the recipe was to remove all the pips. Ordinarily I would be a little annoyed at such diddly work but took the opportunity to harvest pectin from the pips. Pectin is strong in lemon pips, which is why adding lemons to jam recipes is common. I boiled the seeds for awhile, then added the sweet orange jelly. It worked well. If it didn't work then I was going to use a friends's suggestion and use the yummy failed jam as a sauce in a self saucing pudding.

My windowsill looks like a TV mother's full of preserves and goodness. The bench was a complete mess though. Soon my citrus will be all gone and there will be no excuse for incomplete housework!

I've given some grapefruit to both my neighbour and a friend, I also lost another to mould. It makes me happy to know that three other families have benefited from the harvest. I also managed to give away a couple of jars of marmalade!

Anyway, try the confit recipe (next post). I think it would be lovely with yoghurt or ice-cream.

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