Saturday, September 17, 2011

Attacking the oranges...

Just realised that I had saved this post rather than finalising it! Oh dear!

The oranges are simply delicious.   Honestly they are the best I've ever had, and I don't think that I will have any trouble getting through them.  Still, there are quite a few and I decided to make Rich Orange Jelly Marmalade.  It is so beautiful.  The problem is though that it hasn't quite set properly and I can't be bothered reboiling it tonight.  I think that the pectin from the pips may have been contained in the cheesecloth that I used to hold the pips.  I don't think that this step is necessary since you drain the mixture later on anyway.

I've also learnt that you can preserve the juice so I've squeezed heaps of grapefruit to preserve.  You boil it for five minutes and then fill a clean glass jar to the top with the juice.  This seems like a good way to delay the matter of what to do with grapefruit juice!

I'm feeling pretty pleased - managed to give away another six grapefruit and about the same number of lemons.

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