Friday, September 9, 2011

Grapefruit continued

I made the marmalade this morning, it did make quite a lot. It was fairly sour, even when helped with extra sugar. It does look beautiful though.

The grapefruit cordial is delicious and I will definitely make some more. I only had one nice glass bottle left, so the rest is in a plastic milk bottle in the fridge.

Finally it was curd time. I made one batch of lemon and one of grapefruit. I referred to Stephanie Alexander's recipe and technique. It was nice not to have to faff about with double boilers. When I looked at all my leftover egg whites I realised why lemon meringue pie is made - it neatly uses all the leftover egg whites. I am going to do a pavlova and some meringues.

Today I've used only three lemons and one grapefruit. I've tossed two moldy grapefruit and given a few grapefruit and lemons away.

I've purchased four large preserving jars and see chutney and preserved lemons in my future.

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  1. Oh, my friend made awesome indian lime pickle, I wonder if you can alter for lemon?

    I make lemon curd in the slow cooker. My recipe is adapted from edmonds and a slow cooker book my MiL has. It uses whole eggs.

    Link to pic and recipe if you are interested. Edmonds recipe involves double boiler and is faster, but slow cooker one means you can set up and do rest when you have time later, which I like.

  2. I might try lemon pickle too as I'm getting a bit desperate. I have consolidated the plastic bags of fruit into a giant cardboard box. Feeling quite daunted. There are not many grapefruit chutney recipes out there, but I've got one on the go!

    The lemon curd took four minutes to make!!!! Essentially Stephanie says that you don't need a double boiler if you have the element already going at medium (not hotter, not colder). Put the ingredients in, stir and when the first bubbles appear remove from heat. Thickens on standing.

    I'm intrigued that the lemon curd made more....can't quite work out why.

  3. @giffy - followed your link and have gone and looked at all your yummy lunches! Don't colourful fruit and veges always look appetising!