Saturday, September 10, 2011

Turning to chutney

A friend suggested grapefruit chutney as an option so I went to Chef Google to explore. There are not that many distinct recipes, and many had grapefruit as a subsidiary ingredient.

I chose this recipe. I had no capsicum but wanted to sweeten things up so chopped up a couple of apples. I added a lot of extra sugar but it is still very tart. I wonder if I prepared the grapefruit correctly? I peeled the grapefruit and cut out the white bits but didn't segment it completely.

I used ten grapefruit and two oranges for this recipe.

I also managed to use a further lemon (zest only) on my first attempt at Osso Bucco.

I consolidated all the bags of citrus fruit into a giant box and feel quite glum about the amount left. I feel that only the curd and cordial recipes are actually nice. I'm not concerned about the lemons because I can just preserve them if necessary.

Also it feels like each recipe leads to something else! The curd making meant I had a heap of egg whites left over, so I made a pavlova and the Sweetheart and I made berry meringues. I've also purchased some new preserving jars as I've exhausted my stash.

On the bright side everyone visiting my house comments on the lovely smell!!  And this appears to be my 100th post as well.  

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  1. Congrats on 100 and your hugely productive time with grapefruit :)

  2. Thanks! Taking a break from grapefruit today - it is driving me batty!