Saturday, September 3, 2011


"Are they going to sing Mummy?" we are at Aotea Square and madam is annoyed that she can't go on the stage. The All Blacks will be here later to get 'capped.' we are on holiday to avoid the hype and we are in the middle of it. The children are unimpressed - what use is a stage if the rugby players are not going to sing?

Sweetheart travels well, the Poppet does not. We were that family at the airport, in the plane and in the taxi. I have learnt that you cannot breastfeed on take off and landing (baby must be seated facing forward on your lap on take off and landing). We were also not allowed to have her in the front pack during the flight for 'safety reasons.' I get safety, but given I assume that unsafe incidents in planes involve fiery deaths, it is hard to take it seriously.

The girls are so tired today, it was 10pm by the time we checked in. We woke though to laughter - the girls sharing a morning joke and rude noise competition. I am so proud of how nicely they get on.

I admit to feeling a bit stressed out prior to the trip, but it was very nice to just make our way slowly down Queen St today, checking out whatever interested us. Having no particular timeframe to follow I just let the four year old lead. I got led into Starbucks and a donut store and introduced the girls to the pleasures of the Japanese $3 shop.

Then we went to the highlight of the trip - to see the girl's aunt. Sweetheart and her Aunt have the best, most special relationship. It is so lovely.

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Location:Mayoral Dr,Auckland Central,New Zealand


  1. We love the Japanese $3 shop! We cracked up laughing when they changed it to the $3 plus GST shop! Very cute!

  2. So cool - I do love how they have a massive sign explaining their pricing! I saw a similiar shop in Parnell I think but I had no time to stop. There is a similiar shop here in Wellington called Japan City in Cuba Mall. I really like it, but the Auckland shop is better!